Hi folks~

I fell off the planet for a while and just found a way to hop back on.  With the exception of getting used to gravity again…and all that means to my newly fabulous 48 year old body…I am doing just dandy!

And because I am getting into the swing of things…as much swing as I can get on a gravity based planet…I have stolen todays post from Rob Brezney.  I couldn’t help it.  It is just so flippin brilliantly great…I just had to share it with you.

So…without further ado….

Here is Rob


For some seekers, spiritual enlightenment is the ultimate commodity.
They believe that through diligent meditation and self-_improvement,
there will come a day when it will no longer elude their grasp. Breaking
through to the singular state of cosmic consciousness, they will forever
after own it, free and clear. Permanently illuminated! Never to backslide
into the dull ignominy of normal human awareness!

Here’s what I have to say about that:_It’s a delusion.

The fact is, the nature of perfection is always mutating. What constitutes
enlightenment today will always be different tomorrow. Even if _you’re
fortunate and wise enough to score a sliver of “enlightenment,” it’s not a
static treasure that becomes your indestructible, everlasting possession.
Rather, it remains a mercurial knack that must be continually re_earned.

If you want to befriend the Divine Wow, you must not only be willing to
change ceaselessly — you have to love to change ceaselessly.

Lucky you: All of creation is conspiring to help you live like that.



This document certifies that _____________________ is immune to
the lust for enlightenment and is exempt from the need to seek

This document also certifies that _____________________ has seen
through the fraud of the enlightenment con game and is excused from
further clawing and scraping to own a piece if that specious reward.

This document further certifies that _____________________ is free
from the temptation to be consecrated as enlightened by any guru, saint,
holy person, or religious organization that claims the right to do so.

Finally, this document certifies that _____________________ has
already been enlightened a million times in a million different ways
anyway, and that seeking even further enlightenment would be redundant
and even greedy.

To ensure the continued validity of this document
_____________________ vows to regularly renew these three
understandings: that it is impossible to ever reach a complete and
permanent state of enlightenment; that there is no single state of
awareness that constitutes enlightenment; and that since the nature of
reality keeps changing, the nature of enlightenment keeps changing as

I have mine signed and blown up on my wall 😉

Signed: enlighten smighten in Loveland~

1 Response to “enlightenment.”

  1. I Know!! There was a period of time when I was wondering just what IT was and what I had to do to get IT. Then I found out that I had to meditate, love unconditionally, eat less fun foods, treat my body as a temple…what? the temple of dodom!!?!

    My Mom died and I needed to be able to be within her reach…I needed to see, feel, know that she was still here…and to do that I needed to again, follow those unfun rules…

    THEN I GOT that I could see, feel, and know that she was still here (in my heart) by remembering her. Including every day thoughts of her in my every day life. So now, every time I see a Willy Wagtail (wren type of bird that wiggles its tail ceaselessly) then I know she knows I’m thinking about her. It is sooo much easier. And I also GOT that I am a perfect me! That me is a work in progress. And whatever/whoever I am is the ME I am supposed to be!!! So much easier. :)

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