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Yesterday, my fella took off in the morning to go play at the local porn shops…oops…I mean PAWN shops!   He dreams of finding a 1961 Strat guitar…or some other hidden gem. He has brought home many different things…zithers, pedals, books, old guitars…and one really unusual home made somethin (I think the person was goin for a guitar…but I dunno).  So, we have this strange collection of stuff and things…that gets tucked into the garage and in various nooks and crannies in his studio (which is approximately 10 x 11).

After he returned home from his adventures…he was unusually quiet.

As we sat down to eat some lunch together…I could feel his sidelong glances.

All of a sudden, he blurts out “I bought an organ!!!!”  and gives me a huge (and rather nervous) grin.

Me:  An organ?

Fella:  Yep!  It is a Hammond M3!!  It is really cool and I have always wanted one…AND it was only $50 bucks!”

Me:  An organ?

Fella:  It is so cool and if I decide not to play it I can sell the parts…I can sell the tubes for more than what I bought it for!!!   (Big grin).

Me: An organ?

Fella:  Yep.  An organ!!!  I can sell the tubes and the speaker…probably could make a couple hundred bucks! The only problem is…..

Me:  (Trying to keep my face both neutral and supportive)  Hmmmm?

Fella:  It is 256 lbs.  It took 3 big guys to help me get it into the car!!!

Me:  There is an organ in your car that weighs 256 lbs?????  How are we gonna get it out of your car?  And where are you going to put it?

And as you can guess….things sorta went down hill from there.

Within an hour, he had made room in the garage “to store it just for now!” and then the big plan is to somehow…I guess by magic…move it into his studio.  Did I mention before that his studio is the size of a shoe box?  And did I already mention that his room is FULL of stuff?

We got it out of his car.  Which went surprisingly well.  And now we have an organ in the garage.

Here are some more fun details that I haven’t mentioned.  It is a 1959 Hammond M3…which means it is not only frickin heavy….it is BIG.  It has a BIG stool to sit on….and it is really really really BIG.  So, we have a HUGE BIG 1959 Hammond organ in our garage.

And some day, really really soon…it is gonna be in our house.

4 Responses to “Where are ya gonna put that?”

  1. I knew someone who had an organ in his basement. His hobby was church music, both playing and composing.

    Generally I don’t like buying things, except I do have a fondness for musical instruments. I was thrilled when we first realized our daughter is musically talented, because I had an excuse to buy all kinds of toy instruments. My favorite was the glockenspiel that we bought for her Kindermusik class. It has such beautiful bell-like tone.

    Well, good luck with the latest acquisition. Sometimes when tempted to buy, though, you just have to say, “No.”

  2. I’m with Square Peg, I try not to buy stuff. But I can imagine the excitement from your husband’s point of view! :) Enjoy.

  3. You crack me up, Lynne! My first thoughts – organ as in kidney or liver? Next I went to Davy Jones with his long tendrils playing under water. And then right to where are they gonna put that? I could feel your honey’s joy at such an awesome (for him) acquisition and your shock, rather politely handled I must say.

    Does it work? Will it shake the rafters and wake up the neighbors (could be great pay back for yippie dogs!)? Did it come with the tendril costume?

    Keep having fun!

  4. This is great, am going through something similar..except mine with a mean edge has refused to speak to me for the last 6 months (I am sure I am stupid and a fat pig too). Very distressing and I don’t find anyone else writing about it.

    Take care and keep venting!

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