Do you find that the same patterns keep repeating in your life, despite the self-growth work that you’ve done to get past them?

Do you feel like you are focusing on what you want; yet you keep manifesting the same old thing?

Are you ready to explore a new process that will help you make the quantum leap to a new way of being, in a way that is both gentle and profound?

When you’re committed to creating the life you want, it can be frustrating to find yourself getting stuck in the same old places. If it’s true that your external world mirrors your internal vibration, you may be confused that your attempts to align the two don’t seem to have worked. Apparently wanting things to be different is not enough, and talking it through hasn’t brought long-lasting results or shifts…so what can you do?

There is a way that you can shift your internal vibration to match your desires and remove the obstacles that stand between you and the life you want. It’s called Life Energy Alignment Process (LEAP). LEAP is a hybrid of the latest energy psychology and vibrational medicine modalities which uses what we now know about the human energy field to restore our vibrations. It’s a structured yet intuitive process that helps you quickly uncover what’s really standing in your way and remove it from your path—so that you experience the profound effectiveness of being in true alignment.

As a LEAP Practitioner, I can step you through this process in a lighthearted, gentle, and humorous way—so that you are free to finally create what you most want. Through our work, you will:

  • Get to the root of your issue fast, moving beyond intellectual labels and diving right into the heart of things
  • Discover an immediate sense of relief and a new found feeling of calm
  • Shift your thoughts and feelings away from edginess and toward ease
  • Feel hopeful about your future
  • Create subtle and not-so-subtle changes in your life, almost immediately

Working conveniently by phone or email, this process can bring you into alignment in a way that yields the tangible results you most want.

Curious to learn more?  Keep scrollin’ down…there is lots of great information.

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What is LEAP and how does it work?

Life Energy Alignment Process (LEAP) is a vehicle for emotional healing, transformation and positive change. It helps you clear your resistance so that you can align to your desires. If you’re wanting something to change in your life and just can’t seem to manifest that change, LEAP helps you gently smooth the way so that you can make the vibrational shift necessary to attract what you desire.

LEAP draws from a variety of modalities, such as powerful questioning, EFT, kinesthesiology, brain gym modalities, guided imagery and the laws of attraction.

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What kind of issues do you work on?

Using LEAP, I work with clients with a broad range of issues, such as:

  • Finding the kind of relationship you most want
  • Healing and enhancing your current relationship
  • Manifesting what you most desire
  • Overcoming habits or addictions
  • Managing phobias
  • Dealing with chronic health issues

This is just a sample of what LEAP can address—if you have an issue that’s not listed here, contact me and I’ll let you know whether LEAP can be applied to your situation.

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What are the special benefits of working with you?

I bring more than my LEAP training to each session. As needed, I also use my extensive training in other areas to support your needs. This training includes life coaching, hypnotherapy, energy work, and a variety of other tools that enhance personal development. If something comes up in a LEAP session where I believe that one of these other modalities would serve you best, I’ll let you know.

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How would I know if LEAP is right for me?

People who are open-minded, curious, and experiential, who know that there are intangible forces in the Universe that affect theirs lives, are likely to find LEAP to be useful. But you don’t have to know this in advance. I offer a free sample session where you can find out if LEAP is a fit for you.

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What results have you seen?

I have seen the lives of my clients be affected in both subtle and powerful ways. No matter what is up with a client, LEAP seems to guide through the confusion and help them line up with what they want.  If this all sounds intriguing please feel free to contact me~

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