I have a new favorite thing.  Now I am not really a “thing” kinda gal.  I mean I can get excited about a great book or of course there is my cute as a button sky blue VW beetle with sun roof and matching blue wheel thingies!  Oh and then there is the really cool shirt I got from my boy that makes me happy when I get to wear it…hmmmm…okay so scratch my original statement…I guess I really am a “thing” kinda gal.

So, let me start this over.  I have a new favorite thing…and since I am a thing kinda gal…this just makes my day. I was at Target with my son, to get some this’s and that’s and some Britta filters.  Well, right next to the filters were these super cool new Brittas…that were pink…that were green…that were gray.

Now gray didn’t do it for me…but, PINK and GREEN!!!!  Wow!!!  How cool is that?  My son takes one look at me and says: “Guess we really need a new britta huh mom?  But, let’s not do the pink one! OKAY???”  I look at the green one…very cool indeedy.  I would have bought the pink one if he hadn’t been there.  I mean…come on!  But, I suppose green is a great color too….so purchase we did!!!

…and now evey time I open the fridge to get some yummy water, I get to use my new britta and that my friends…makes me so happy:)

Now, on to the nightmare~

Early this morning I had a dream.  I think it was a stress dream  Different from prior stress dreams where I continue to spit out handfuls of my teeth.  This one focused on getting my hair “trimmed.”

{Quick commercial Break: since I have been on this new liquid nutritional supplement called Zrii, my hair has grown really long…at least long for me.  I have always wanted long hair, but it just wouldn’t grow.  Now it is growing down my back looking fabulous!

*If you want to know more about this product Zrii, give me a jingle.  I am a distributor now cuz I LOVE it so much. It has really helped me regain my energy and stimina and has helped many other folks with a variety of health challenges:)  Call me at 970-613-8498 or email me: whirldpeaz@comcast.net

End Of Commercial}

K.  Back to my dream…

So, I go into this salon that also has a place to eat where my fella goes and orders onion rings.  I go sit down and this french hair cutter dude comes up.

French hair cutter dude (in a french accent of course!): “Ah…your long mop wishes to be pretty?  Yes?????”

Me: “Ah…no.  Just a trim.” (At this point my feelings are already hurt cuz I think my hair is kinda pretty)

French hair cutter dude: “I know exactly what you need!”

Me: “Ah…okay.”

Then as weird stress dreams go…there was nothing I could do…no words would come out of my mouth…as I watched in horror as he dyed my hair dark auburn (which was actually kind of cool and interesting…I am a blond…so this was a big change), and started cutting and cutting and putting weird curly thingies here and there.  At the end of all of this he stood back with pride.

I looked at myself in horror.

ME:  “Oh shit.  This doesn’t fit me at all!  Dude..I wear flannel shirts and old grateful dead shirts with jeans!  I can’t pull this off!!!  This just won’t do!!!!”

French hair cutter dude: “Okay.  I know exactly what you need!”  He turns me around so that I can’t see the mirror and does something.  I turn around and look in the mirror and he has put this big HUGE bow in my hair!!!


Me:  “That is NOT what I meant!”

French hair cutter dude: “Don’t worry, you look fahhhhhhbuuuuulllouuuussssss!!!!”

I get up out of the chair and walk away heading to the place where my fella is eating an endless plate of onion rings.  Before he sees me, I think to myself:  “Ah well, at least my hair grows now and this will grow out soon.”

I guess even my sub-sub-sub conscious is an optimist!

I woke up…and felt my head.  Yay!  Still got my long fabulous blond hair…though that auburn color was kind of cool!  And I have my new green britta!

It’s gonna be a great day!

Have a great weekend everybody!

6 Responses to “Favorite Things and Nightmares!”

  1. That’s so funny — a bow in your hair! Like a French poodle! LOL

    As a guy, I never give much thought to my hair, so I’ve never had hair dreams. Teeth dreams are another story. And once when I was very young, I had a dream that my eyeballs were liquefying and dripping out of my eye sockets! That creeped me way out!

  2. Hey there Mr Peg~ Liquefying eyeballs…wow that IS freaky!!!!! The hair thing is new…I don’t think that I every had a hair nightmare. It has always been the teeth thing and not remembering to wear pants and walking down the street or being at a party or something.

    I have a friend who used to say that not wearing pants in a dream was always a good time! For me it was a nightmare! Funny that what freaks one person out, makes another one happy:)

  3. Lynne,

    Thanks for making me laugh! I found you through Kerry.


  4. Hi Jeanne~ Glad you enjoyed a good giggle:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by:)

  5. Hi Lynne,

    It cracked me up for several reasons…

    I have sleep apnea & fibromyalgia. (That’s obviously NOT why it cracked me up. I’m getting to why your nightmare cracked me up)…

    When I went to the sleep disorder clinic for diagnosis, they hooked me up to all the machines, etc. In the morning, they told me I never reached the stage of resttorative sleep!! That explains why I never have dreams! (That’s not the funny part either).

    Since I never reach the level of sleep for dreams/nightmares, I never have either one.

    Well, on 12/26 I had an abscessed tooth removed (again, this is NOT the funny part). When they did the tooth extraction, I was given nitrous oxide along with the novocain.

    That *SHOULD* have been the funny part right there! I mean… they call nitrous oxide “LAUGHING GAS”, for crying out loud! Well, it did NOT leave me laughing!!

    You see, like your friend Kerry, I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). So I am used to having unusual or rare drug reactions.

    In my case, the nitrous oxide did *NOTHING* during the extraction. No pain relief, no “taking the edge off”, none of the things I was promised by the dental team. I would swear the mask was delivering just oxygen! Zero effects positive or negative! The novocain barely worked and the extraction hurt. Not “pressure” like the oral surgeon said… it hurt!

    He was a very nice guy. He didn’t mean to hurt me! He’s not used to people with bodies as ‘whacked out’ as mine!! The bottom line is that the “laughing gas” did NOT make me laugh!

    Fast forward to home. I was tired and took a nap about an hour after returning home (about when the bleeding finally calmed down from the tooth extraction).

    I then had numerous vivid nightmares!!!!! ( I blogged about all this recently and can laugh about it now. You should read my recent post about “my nitrous oxide nightmares”. I wasn’t laughing then. It was awful!!!)…

    Interestingly enough, my traffic meter lit up with searches about nitrous oxide side effects right after that post. I guess it’s not just me!

    Anyway, in normal circumstances (like at the sleep clinic) I do not have dreams OR nightmares.

    Well, obviously the nitrous oxide affected my level of unconsciousness because I have never experienced anything like this in my life. We are, after all, talking about a form of anesteshia.

    Horrible, vivid, graphic nightmares I won’t scare you with…

    Okay… Like a true computer geek, I immediately Googled about nitrous oxide and nightmares.

    Lo and behold, there are other people like me out there! While it is considered “rare” for this “safe” drug to cause them, nightmares have been recorded in clinical studies. (I saw a write-up in a pharmacology journal & knew I wasn’t crazy).

    Anyway, (drum roll please!) the funny part to me of your blog post was that you had such a vivid dream at all!!

    It just highlighted the *absurdity* of how abnormal my sleep patterns are! (I try to laugh at these things rather than cry)… :)

    I wouldn’t mind being able to have a dream and wake up to find that I really didn’t have a bow in my hair or whatever. At least it would mean I had reached restorative sleep levels!

    I just had to laugh at your sub-sub-sub conscious optimism comment!!! :)

    I think it’s very awesome that you are an optimist through and through!

    **Better to laugh than cry, as they say!**

    I’m glad I found this post thanks to Kerry’s LEMON-aide blog.

    And as I tell my daughter when I tuck her in, “sweet dreans”! :)


  6. Hey there Jeanne~ I think those of us who have had some “blips” in our lives have incredibly twisted senses of humor!

    My fella has sleep apnea and before he got his mouth piece he didn’t get good sleep at all…and neither did I;) Lucky for him, he is very cute or he may not have survived some nights! Anyway, now that we both get to sleep we both get to dream! Very nice indeedy.

    Were you able to find something to help your sleep? He wasn’t able to use the machine thing…the setting was at the highest and it was just like having a wind tunnel shoved onto his face. Poor guy.
    The mouth piece was what worked for him.

    I will check out your blog:) Looking forward to that!
    Thanks for all of your comments…great to meet you!
    Talk to you soon:)

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