Since last writing in my very painful blog…well, actually my blog isn’t painful per say…it’s  been painful writing in the damned thing…

Where was I????

Oh ya…painful…writing…blog…

So here is how things have been going:

The last few weeks, I wake up, grab a bowl of coffee, read my emails, look at my schedule to see who I get to tap with, and then sit and stare blankly at my computer screen waiting for some inspiration…something….anything.

In the last 3 weeks, I have written 15 drafts.


I wrote a handful of lines on my love of the word “skallywag.”  But when I looked up the word to make sure I was spelling it right, I realized that the spelling I was using had a different meaning then I was intending.  I meant scallywag not skallywag.

BIG difference:

Skallywag (urban dictionary): A crack head or crack whore, one that lives on the streets and bums for money to buy alcohol or drugs.

Uh….that’s not what I was thinking of when I wrote those 4 sentences.

I was talking about this other word:

Scallywag: one who is playfully mischievous, a scamp, a rascal.

Yeah.  That’s the one.

Then, I started to worry that maybe all the times that I used scallywag to talk about myself or someone else (like my kids or my fella)…they thought I meant skallywag…they might have thought I was calling myself a crack whore….or my fella and kids crack  heads!  And that thought just led to some other strange thoughts until I started feeling really weird.  I took my hands off the keyboard.  Then I clicked on ‘save draft’ and that was that.

There are drafts on topics like the exploring ‘effort vs stuggle’  ( I am still intrigued by this…but, my writing was particularly unfunny that morning.), spiders that have moved into our house,  the bunnies that play with the mice that play with the spiders that live with us…oh, there is even a draft on mentoring EFT practitioners (which I do a lot of…but, was also a bit on the dry side).

On and on the drafts go.

Just drafts.  Can’t get them to come alive.

But every morning I wake up hopeful that this writers block will go away.  That something will stick.  That I will sit at my  computer and wonderfully funny sequences of words will flow through me.

Writers block-a-roo…kind of a strange place to be in.   I want to keep writing….I want to keep blogging…I love writing whitty things about the human experience…and it just ain’t happenin’.

I understand now why folks talk about continuing to write even if ya got nothin to say.  At least it keeps your writing muscles sorta warmed up and flexible.

“Writer’s block yoga:  keeping your muscles nicely stretched until you can finally stick your leg over your head!”

I feel a bumper sticker coming on!

Oops.  Gettin off track again.

Anyway, that is what I have been doing…writing even though my words are dry and lacking texture.

Writing crappy nothings. Dry, flat, crappy nothings.

Writing this post has taken some effort.  A fairly decent amount of effort.

Writing the last 15 crappy nothing posts felt like a struggle.

See how I worked that in?  ‘Effort vs Struggle’?

Pretty trick.  Hmmmmm maybe I have more to say about this after all….

To be continued…


4 Responses to “As the world turns….”

  1. Oh, we all go through these spells. You’ll pull through it quickly enough. For me it’s a relief to not be inspired sometimes. It means I can devote more time to real-life matters such as home maintenance, correspondence with friends & family, and shaving and bathing. :) Not saying you need to bathe, Lynne, but try to enjoy your freedom from Muse!

  2. Oh bathing….good idea:) I forgot about that 😉 I also made chocolate chip cookies the other day…and ate them all that same day!

    The weird thing is Mr Peg that I have bought into the idea that I HAVE to keep up with my blog to continue expanding my ‘online presence’~ so that I keep attracting new clients….

    I can’t believe I even just typed that.

    Thanks for your comment. I just realized that I have a limiting belief hangin around here….time for some EFT!

  3. Writer’s block isn’t funny, but you’re still funny. I laugh at least 30 times every time we talk and tap, and that’s way above the average number of times a person laughs in a day. It just oozes out and you don’t even notice. Maybe your muse is trying to find you, just as desperately as you’re trying to find it.

  4. Thanks Erin! I like the idea that my muse is out there trying to find me as much as I am trying to find it. I love that.
    Maybe I need to back off from the desperation so that the muse can show up. Or maybe the muse is sitting right next to me…saying “I am right here stupid!”

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