I had a nice little meditation this morning…sitting on my comfy chair…outside in the sun.  It was one of those meditations where I became so quiet, that a butterfly landed on my leg and a goddess came down from above and shared some possibilities to a  question that I had been meditating on.  As I was receiving all of these super groovy gifts, I noticed that there was some internal drifting happening.

I was  surprised and excited that a swallowtail had landed on my leg…cuz that is super cool and groovy…and must mean something profound!  Right????

Another part of my mind was trying to document the fabulous words of wisdom being shared by this ethereal being…along with noticing what a cool gown the goddess babe was wearing.  Which lead me to wonder where she got that dress?  I loved the fabric!  I could make some awesome curtains for our bedroom with that fabric!!

And another part of me was noticing that the neighbors dogs had been barking for awhile prompting the human who lives there to come outside and start yelling at them to “shut the hell up!!!” 

As I brought my attention back to my meditation, the cool goddess babe shrugged her shoulders and told me she was gonna take off .  The dogs were distracting her too and she was getting a headache from all the barking!  So we said our good byes…and off she went.  By this time the butterfly had taken off as well and was floating  to it’s next adventure…and it was just me…sitting on a chair…outside in the sun…listening to the human next door continue to yell at her dogs.

I decided it was time to go in.

As I poured myself another cup of  coffee and sat down with my journal I started to laugh and shake my head.  What a funny meditation that was!  So much contrast.  And you know how I love contrast :)  From a sweet butterfly, to a groovy goddess babe with a slammin dress on, to barking dogs… to barking humans.

Interestingly enough…the question that I began my meditation with was “how can I be more focused in my day to day?”  I tend to flit from one thing to the next.  Like that butterfly.  I am focused on what is in front of me….but, then the next shiny object captures my attention.  (I have gotten up 3 times during this blog post to rinse out my coffee cup, to look out the window, and to feed the birds).

Now, I am not saying that this is a bad way of doing things….it’s just that I have these big projects I am working on. I am focused for a bit…gettin into a good groove, and then I start to drift.  The drifting tendency has made these projects go on for way too long.  In fact, if I keep drifting like this…I know that at some point, I am gonna disconnect from my momentum and put them down all together!

It is so funny to me that this groovy goddess shows up to share some brilliant wisdom….and what do I do?  I notice her dress and start to wonder how I could find that same material to make some curtains.  Talk about a major mental drift.  I mean don’t get me wrong, she was totally thrilled that I loved her dress…and she agreed that curtains would look awesome in that same fabric…but, that is not the point!

Or is it?

I just don’t know.

All I know is that I am beginning to drift again.  That same butterfly keeps floating past my window, beckoning me to come outside and see the new flowers that are beginning to bloom.  And I am dreaming of her dress….very cool fabric…maybe I can find some like that…on line?  Or at the fabric store?  Maybe I will go look for it…

not until I follow the butterfly~

As my friend Sheryl says:  Peace to your seeking heart!

6 Responses to “Groovy goddess…where did you get that dress?”

  1. Wanted to say, “Mars in Geminii!” That is my deal. You, are just a girl filled with enthusiasm for life!

  2. Are we all Mars in Geminii right now? What does that mean (if ya feel like sharing!)?

    I am following your adventures on face book…where are you going next?
    Love of love xoxoxoxo

  3. Drifting sounds perfect for summertime-light, easy, supported, seeing what cool things comes up next 😉

  4. Driftin does sound perfect for the summertime :) Love that~

  5. A definite Gemini interlude… multi-tasking in the ether…

    In some ways I think we are hard-wired to follow the next shiny object, or the next rabbit, or piece of fruit, or whatever we are hunting and gathering. Physicality is so much about movement – I wonder, are we really meant to sit still?

  6. Are we all Mars in Geminii right now? What does that mean (if ya feel like sharing!)? I am following your adventures on face book…where are you going next? Love of love xoxoxoxo

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