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I am back.


Where have I been?

Well, I have been traveling all over the world.  From England to Scotland to Ireland to Austria to Germany to Australia to New Zealand. I traveled through out Canada and all through out the US.


I am exhausted.

Actually, I am lying like a sack of potatoes.

I wish this were true.

But, alas…it isn’t.

I have had some major writers block.


I continue to journal.  I continue to do my morning meditations.  I am even working out again.

But writing a blog?

It just hasn’t been happening.

Not at all.

Lots of great ideas.

But, as soon as I sit down to write about them…the toilet starts whispering in my ear:  “Clean me”

Or the laundry mumbles something from the hamper: “Wash me!”

Then I notice these big things floating around on the floor.  They dance about, trying to get my attention: “Sweep me!”  And before they attack anyone, I get up and sweep them away.

I sit down.  And try again.

As I look out the window…gathering my thoughts, a butterfly floats into my view…and I have to follow it.

I just have to!

And then once I am outside, there are weeds to be pulled, gardens to clip back.  Birds to hear…bunnies to smile at. Cartwheels to do on the grass.

I come back in.  Sit down and try again.

Ah, but then the next thought floats in.

“Call mom”  She is done with lunch now.  The nursing home has very set times for meals.  She does better in the afternoon.  Her Alzheimer’s mind is better able to focus. Good time to call her.

I have to be in a good head space to make these calls.

I take a deep breath, do a wee bit of tapping, and dial the phone.

The conversations are getting shorter and shorter.  They are sometimes very strange.  And sometimes they are very sad.

Lots of things to blog about due to these weird and unsettling conversations.

I sit down. And try again.

As I gather my thoughts together to share about this journey,  I feel deflated.  Another butterfly floats into my view. This time, I don’t follow it.  I don’t go outside and listen to the birds sing, or watch the bunnies hop about. I don’t do any cartwheels.

I am completely out of creative energy.

It was barely there.

Now it has floated away.

I am imagine it floating away with the butterfly~ Maybe it will be transformed into something light and beautiful.


5 Responses to “Chasing butterflies~”

  1. Nice to read this from you, Lynne. Your clear voice and your lovable creative energy are all here, in this post. Thanks for sharing it. xoxoox

  2. This will do, more of the same please! :)

    Maybe you have Spring Fever?


  3. The problem is not with you, Lynne, the problem is all those inanimate objects living in your house and shooting their mouths off! It’s like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice at your pad…

    I suggest you start charging rent and see how fast that pesky laundry takes off. And in the meantime, just keep babbling on the blog – what you think of as minimal creative energy is actually quite delightful to read!

    Welcome back…



  4. Ahhhhhhhh…thanks for all of the comments. Tara and Carol…Christine just posted a beautiful blog post. She is a very poetic writer….and has a cool view point on things. Plus she is my fabulous friend and I want everyone to read her stuff :)

    Thanks Tara. I am gonna keep babbling 😉

    Carol~ I like your imagery. My house is like a that. I also have animals in the backyard…making ball gowns. So maybe a bit weird disney as well 😉

  5. Hmmmm over six months ago girlfriend! Thinking of you and missing you.

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