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We woke up this morning to the song of a robin.  I hadn’t heard that sound for months.  This bird had perched itself on the branch of the tree outside our window.  It just sang away…top of it’s lungs…not holding back.

As I listened to the song, my mind drifted to all the new flowers that I am dreaming about planting…the new beds that I want to create.  I could clearly see the flowers in full bloom.  I could smell the fragrant earth. I imagined the fresh flowers that I will pick to fill up all the vases that will be placed in all the rooms of our house.

So imagine my shock when I got up and opened the curtains expecting a full blown spring experience…instead of color bursting forth…snow is still on the ground.  Trees still look dormant.  The ground is still quiet on the surface. I had a moment of confusion.  But, then I heard the robin again.  It was hoping around on the ground…singing about something.  (more…)

I am very disappointed to tell you that I am now a statistic.  I mean…I have been all year.  I have been in denial about this particular fact.

I have always prided myself in the story that I have experiences that only a small amount of other people have ever had.  And in my crazy made up inner world…I tell myself that I am one of the few to experience so many of them….and still be standing…sorta straight (I do have a bit of a down turn to my shoulders!).   A wee bit of my ego has been tied into this!

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I have never ever ever been a middle of the roader.  Ever.  Not even as a kid.  I tend to be more of a fringe kind of gal.  And yes, I even had a purple fringe suede jacket some years ago that I wore with my fringe moccasin boots.   😉 (more…)

So, I met with WordPress Dude yesterday at the coffee shop.  He wanted to show me how to move my old website pages over to this new fangled wordpress land.  He very kindly sat there and graciously nodded in support as I clicked on this, that and the other thing, while constantly looking over at him to make sure I was doing it right. I needed MAJOR hand holding.


After we…I mean…after I moved over 6 whole pages, we turned to my blog.

How do I put up a video?

I am so proud of myself…I posted three of them.  One got messed up.

How do I post a picture?

Today, brave readers…I am going to do this for your entertainment.

Can I have a drum roll please?

Lowering the lights…spot light on me?

Okay, that is a bit too intense…let’s bring the lights back up 😉

Here we go…

Oh my gawd….I did it!!!!!  And it only took me a few tries 😉

Hope that I remember how to do this tomorrow~

Now I am going to pass out from sheer mental exhaustion.


I think this worked…be back later.  I am off to go pass out!


:)  Hee hee

Hi there brilliant humans!

My website is undergoing some major changes.  Not visually.  Yet.  But internally.  I am having it moved into wordpress.  The dude that is doing it is a brilliant young fella who is a bit of a mad scientist.  He presses buttons, adds apps, cuts and pastes all willy nilly.

My fabulous friend Christine is working with him as well.  We are hoping that if we do this together we can live to see another day hold each others hand.

The three of us met in person this week and he gave us an overview on how wordpress works.  He was super relaxed and showed us a bunch of buttons that do a bunch of important stuff.  I don’t really remember…cuz I drifted out of my body and headed east towards Nebraska.  (more…)

Hey there you fabulous readers!

I realize that I am a bit delayed with the whole “Happy New Year!!!” and “Happy New Decade” thing.  I thought that at midnight on January 1st I would feel a profound shift in my ability to keep up with my blog and all the other things that I want to plunge into this year.

Great languaging!!!

“Plunge into this year.”

It has a certain ring to it.  Lots of energy.  It makes me want to go and dive off a cliff (uh…ok…not a cliff per se…maybe a rock ledge that is close to the water) and swim off into the sunset.

Okay.  I think “Plunge” might be too strong of a word.  Maybe “jump into this year.”  Nope.  That ain’t it either.  I am more of a get your feet wet for a bit…then your legs…then dunk under the water (you know…the whole getting the water past your tummy phase)….and then swim off into the sunset. (more…)


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