Color Alignment Meditations

As a Life Coach, and EFT practitioner, I use a variety of modalities. I thought you might like a sample of one the many tools I use with clients. Enjoy!!

The purpose of these Color Alignment Meditations is to provide you with a gentle, soothing way to cleanse, charge up and renew your auric field, your physical and emotional body.

How to Choose a Color Using the Chart Below:

Sit quietly for a moment. Take some deep slow breaths. Look at all the colors and choose the combination that resonates the most with you right now. Trust your intuition with this. Any color combination you choose will be the perfect one for this moment! Simply click the color and you will be taken to the meditation page. So, sit back and enjoy yourself!

Color Combinations – Click one to get started!:
(each meditation lasts 3 to 4 minutes)

Violet &
Pale Magenta

Green & Pink

Red & Violet

Blue & Yellow

Violet &
Spring Green

Pale Gold &
Pale Turquoise

Bright Yellow &

Turquoise &
Forest Green

Pale Rose &
Deep Pink

Bright Gold &
Pale Yellow

Silver &
Madonna Blue

Indigo &


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