Aura: Morpogenetic Field

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Your aura is an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds your whole body. There are various levels of your field…some refer to these levels as layers. They are not really layers in a literal sense. They are levels of frequencies that penetrate through the body and extend outwards from the skin. They exist together as outwardly expanding bands of higher frequencies of energy.

These layers/levels also connect and intertwine with other energies: people, animals, plants…anything “living” that has an energy field.

Your aura is another filtering system…an energetic filtering system: Bringing information to you and from you. It supports you in interacting with the world and Universal energies. Your aura is a key component of your sense of health and well-being.

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Here is a brief description of how each “layer” contributes to your well being.
This list was created by Julie Henderling. She is the creator of LEAP (Life Energy Alignment Process).

1. First Layer – Etheric body
This is the level of the field which directly correlates to the physical body and to physical sensation. Dancers and athletes have very strong first layers due to the strengthening of the field from exercise. If any part of this layer is weak, you will feel disconnected from the physical pleasure of being in your body and enjoying the physical senses.

2. Second Layer – Emotional Body
This is the level of our feelings or emotions about our Selves. If strong we like, love and accept ourselves. If weak then we may not have many feelings about ourselves, we may suppress negative feelings about ourselves and be depressed, or we may not like or accept ourselves.

3. Third Layer – Mental Body
This is the level of our mental or rational world. When strong the rational and intuitive mind work together and we experience clarity, balance and a sense of appropriateness. When we weak we lack mental agility.

4. Fourth Layer – Astral Body
This is the level of our interaction with each other and the universe. It is the level of the “I-Thou” connection. When strong we experience good relationships with others. Love is foremost in our life. When weak, relationships are less important to us. We might be a loner or find intimacy difficult.

5. Fifth Layer – Etheric Template
This is the level of Divine Will. When strong we feel great power and connectedness with all that is around us. We will have a sense of purpose. Order is easy to maintain. When weak we will lack purpose, feel detached from our surrounds, be disordered and even react against order.

6. Sixth Layer – Celestial Body
This is the level of our divine love. When strong we experience joy, elation, bliss. We access it by silencing the noisy mind. When weak we will not have spiritual or inspirational experiences or feel it is all very vague.

7. Seventh Layer – Casual Body
This is the level of the divine mind. It helps hold all the other levels together. When strong we know with conviction that we are part of a great pattern of life and we are creative. When weak we are unimaginative and feel isolated and that everything is random and chaotic.

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