This whole idea (including the title) was stolen by me from this guy.  The guy who came up with this is a friend of a friend.  He writes a weekly column for the Aspen CO paper.  He is HILARIOUS!!!!  Check him out at:  It will be well worth it!!

So, 25 Random things about me…(idea stolen from Mr. Smith)

1. I always announce to my family that I am going to the bathroom.  I don’t know why I do this.

2. I HATE mayonnaise.  Sometimes I even have a gag reflex when I see commercials of people slapping it on stuff.  I feel kinda ill just writing about this.

3.  Everything in my house has a place.  EVERYTHING!  AND I KNOW when things have been “misplaced”…it is like having a 6th sense.  I will be busy in another room and something will whisper in my ear: “Warning…the hair brush was NOT put back in the basket.  The deodorant was left in the middle of the counter. AND THE TOOTHPASTE CAP WAS LEFT ON THE COUNTER. Hurry!!!!!  The planet will explode in 30 seconds…”

I know that for some of you this may seem…hmmmmm…neurotic.  Not me.  It is just good organizational intuition:)

4.  The most ridiculous movie that I totally enjoy is “Legally Blond.”  Now, this is a huge secret.  If you tell ANYONE…I mean ANYONE…I will never talk to you again!!!!

5.  I have a favorite pair of purple socks.  When I wear these socks magical amazing things happen.  And I am only allowed to wear them once in a while or the magical good ju-ju will be sucked out of them.  I just know it!!!!

6.  I have an entourage of dead people that hang out with me once in awhile.  Most of them I know.  Some of them just seem to want to crash the party.

7.  My favorite flower of all time is the daisy.

8.  My second favorite flower of all time is any variety of heirloom rose…and if there is a scent…that is the best!!!!

9.  I LOVE…I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of dirt.  I would eat it if I could (but, I think that might be too weird).

10.  I mistakenly killed a bunch of cute, adorable little mice a couple of years back.  I had put our humane mouse traps in the garage because we had caught the one that had been playing in the house….and let it free in a nice place outside.  Anyway, I put the traps in the garage.  The next spring my son came into the kitchen, absolutely horrified and showed me the traps.  They were filled with little dead mice.  I had not thought to cover the holes where they crawl in…so, they all crawled in and couldn’t get back out.

11.  I have a very rich, playful internal life.

12.  I am never bored…because I have a very rich, playful internal life!

13.  The only thing that I have ever stolen (besides the idea and title for this blog post) was an apple hostess pie.  I was 10 years old.  I felt so guilty that I brought it back to the store and told the person behind the counter what I did.  The manager told me I was never allowed to come back into the store.  I cried all the way home.  I never went back to that store.

14.  I eat ice cream with a melon ball spoon.

15.  So do my kids:)

16.  I can only cook 6 things:  meatloaf, spaghetti with meatballs (if I am being fancy), tacos, pork chops, salads…oh and I can order pizza!

17.  I believe in fairies.  I sometimes see them playing in my yard with the bunnies:)

18.  I love my downy ball.

19.  The only food that I really care about is coffee.  Oh and a good chardonnay.

20.  I am 46 years old.  I love being in my 40’s:)

21.  I am a voracious reader.  I love all sorts of books.  I rarely remember the titles or the names of the authors.

22.  I have never been a bridesmaid.  I have always been the bride.

23.  I refuse to clean and organize the garage (really most of it my fella’s crap) because I believe that I will win the lottery and then I can hire someone to do it for me.

24.  I have gotten into watching Showtimes “The Tudor’s.”  In every episode there is some sort of naked sex scene.  Every time there are one of these scenes my 21 year old son comes into the room and sits down, and starts commenting.  I just want to crawl away and die!

25.  I have a blue troll.  It has great hair!!

* I took a picture of my blue troll to show you how cute it is but, i can’t figure out how to put the picture on my blog :(

Have a fabulously random day!

Image Coming Soon! :)

15 Responses to “25 Random Things About Me~”

  1. Trey has a cool troll with rainbow-colored hair, but he has to keep it in a drawer in his office or else the cats steal it 😛

  2. Hey Jenny~ I love trolls! Ohhhhhh…rainbow hair…how cool is that? I really wanted to show a picture of my little friend. Not sure how to do that on wordpress. Does anyone out there know how to do that?

  3. I never saw Legally Blonde. I shall endeavor to remedy that forthwith. Whatever that means.

    I’m in a quizzy sort of mood at my blog, too.

    BTW, I did the mice thing, too. It makes me feel so *horrible*. I managed to forget about it until now….

  4. Hey there Mr Peg~ It might be good for you NOT NOT NOT to watch Legally Blonde;) It is a really really bad movie…really really really bad movie. Don’t do it!!!!!

    Sorry about the mice!

  5. Here’s a random fact about me: If Trey and I won the lottery, the very first thing I would do would be to buy a fountain soda machine so that I could have Fountain Coke every day in my very own house!

  6. Tell ya what…since I am going to be the one to win the lottery…when I do…I will buy you guys your fountain;)


  8. This is why I never play the lottery. I’m afraid to see what crazy thing my wife would buy with the winnings. :)

    And since we’re divulging random facts, I will state that I enjoy several Miley Cyrus songs.

  9. Miley Cyrus huh….well, I think that is as strange as me liking Legally Blonde! I just love contrast:)

  10. I know how to put a photo in WordPress you silly goose. :>) Call me–we’ll set a time.

    Random fact: I’m this way pacifist, lefty who would never hurt a fly–uh, well, let’s not get carried away here–flies, mosquitos, occasionally a spider but not often–anyway, I wouldn’t hurt hardly anything. I love action/adventure books and movies–what the hell is that about?

  11. Hey Cynthia~ Do you have anytime today?

    I am also a pacifist…but, with an edge! I WILL kill any spiders that are in the house or if it is a really scary spider…I ask Mike to do it:) I do give the spiders a warning though. I tell them: “Okay Mr Spider…if you aren’t gone by the time I get out of the shower…you are dead meat!”

    Funny about the action/adventure books…I watch those kind of movies with my sons…they are kinda fun:)

  12. Ok…I must confess…every time I kill (sorry!) a spider, I apologize to it first! I know…I’m a loser! :-)

  13. Hey Cheri~ Thanks for stoppin by:)
    I totally talk to the spiders before I kill them…it must be a Catholic thing!

  14. Fun…and now I know mucho more, oh so interesting, facts about ya.

    Can I steal this random facts sharing from you Lynne–It will be the first thing I’ve stolen (except for Amy’s ladle which I feel like I stole because I never returned it after your shower oodles of years ago. I still feel guilty. Amy if you read Lynne’s blog–it was me, sorry.)

    If I can steal this Random Things sharing, I will link it back to you. Last time I linked to your blog…I had tons of comments on how funny you are and how much your blog was enjoyed. So, please…

    Lynne, I can so picture those purple socks on your feet and believe that the days you wear them are filled with magic. You and purple…a forever love affair.

    Thank you for sharing Lynne, you are so much fun!

    Love, Kerry

  15. Steal away….we will be paying the stealing forward:) Remember that I stole this idea from someone else:)
    Link away
    Steal away
    Can’t wait to read your list!
    Love ya

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