Well, it’s time to take another break from watching the news.  I just can’t take it anymore.

If I see one more pelican covered in oil…

If I see Anderson Cooper in one more tight black t-shirt (though he does look cute as a button!)…

If I see one more sad story…

I will fall so deep into a pit of despair…

Well, not that deep.  I am too much of an optimist to go to far down.  But, I sure have been getting my toes wet.

The challenge with all of this news is that there is so much information out there that I can’t do anything about.  Yes, I have signed a bunch of petitions.  Yes, I have written my congressman.  Yes, I have thought of going down there to help with the clean up… Yes, I have done tapping for the gulf…meditations for the gulf…all of that stuff.

And the sad news just keeps coming.

So, what do we do with all of this?  What do we do with the tragedy’s that are happening over there and still be present with our lives over here?  Can we hold sadness for that while appreciating and loving this?

In the history of this planet…we have never seen so much information at our fingertips…in the air…surrounding us.  We just can’t take it all in.  I am not sure if we are meant to…I am thinkin we are not.

Maybe we have to become very good sifters.  Sifters of our reality.  Sifters of information.  What do we want to take in…what do we want to leave out?  Were do we want to focus our energy?  What changes do we want to be a part of?  Where does our inspiration land?

I know some folks who are taking action to help in the gulf…physically being present down there.  That is not what resonates for me.  I am working with some clients who live down there to help them with what is going on…with how there lives have changed over night.  That kind of support does resonate with me.

We all have our ways of contributing.  Some are small…some are big.

And for some of us we can have conversations and share ideas.  Some of us can’t even talk about these sorts of things.

So where ever you are with all of this information I offer you the idea of becoming an excellent sifter.  Taking in what you can and leaving out what you can’t.  Doing those actions that inspire and leaving the ones that don’t (they will be inspiring to someone else).  And when the news gets too overwhelming…and even before you reach that point…turn it off and focus your attention on something that soothes your heart.

And for those of you who still like to know what is going on in the world but want a more uplifting focus, I have listed some good news sites.  These are only a few…there are tons more where these came from :)

good news network

Ode Magazine

positive news

Good news daily

Happy news

Positive economic news

Okie dokie…that’ll do it!


3 Responses to “CNN you are bummin me out!”

  1. Lynne, excellent post. I highly agree. Everyone has their own gifts for helping others, and it’s great we are such a diverse humanity that each person can help where it resonates, and know that they are making a difference in their own way. News travels too fast in our world it seems, and you almost have to consciously decide NOT to follow the stories that you know will get you down. Read those that are inspiring, and carry those high vibrations with you to better encounter the depressing ones.

  2. Thanks for the linkup. It is easy to despair which is why I started my blog, catching positive news about the economy. Here’s what I did a couple of years ago…I just stopped tuning in to any mainstream media outlets… I watch the local news, until they turn it tragic.

    I find my news from more neutral reporting agencies like Reuters… They’ll sometimes fall off the deep end, but most times, it’s simply reporting the news, facts, figures etc…and staying away from agenda-laden superlatives.

    It’s like trying to take a drink from a firehose. Find a few sources you like, and focus on those… balance will soon return…

    There have been many many major tragedies here, and around the globe, many we’ve never known about. We will fix the gulf, and in time it will heal and hopefully we will learn, and make adjustments…history has shown us that…

    Best wishes and peace…

  3. Thanks Lynne for speaking your truth. As you say so eloquently, it is so important to know our own limits, and know what we can and cannot do, and how we can involve ourselves in a way that is inspiring and not just overwhelming.

    I don’t watch the news. For me, the images of destruction and despair stun my energy field and feel disempowering, while for someone else, it might empower them to act. But then, I’ve always been a hyper-sensitive babe…

    So I feel for the ways that I can contribute to the health of the planet and all it’s folks, while being true to my heart.

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