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Happy Holidays everyone!

I was gonna write something about the holidays and dealing with families…but, something more important has dropped into my cute little holiday brain.

This weekend I spent some time watching TV.  Over and over again there were Victoria’s Secret commercials with these women in red bra’s and long red skirts running up and down stair cases…I think there were presents involved too.   I am not sure what the story is that they are trying to tell.  Are these women confused about where to put the presents?  Are they looking for the tree?  Did they forget which floor they put their shirts?  Did they just want to run up and down the stairs…reliving some childhood moments?

These commercials (more…)

My fella and I have spent the last chunk of weeks dealing with these evil people.  It feels like we find some breathing room…we figure out how to deal with one piece and then all of a sudden we are in another catch-22.  This whole experience has been so bizarre.  And it ain’t over.

I am happy to say that we found a way to pay the surgeon…who saved my life…but, we have not figured out how to pay the hospital.  So, bankruptcy it is! (more…)

Happy October!

I love this time of year.  Something wakes up within me.  I want to write more, do creative projects…go for walks…I want to sit in coffee shops with friends and talk about this, that and the other thing.  I love how the air feels.  I love the yellows, golds and reds that show up on the trees.

As I sit here in my office, I look out towards the lake and I can hear a bunch of geese chatting about all sorts of stuff.  Soon they will come flying over our house to visit friends that they haven’t seen since last year. On the corner of the roof, I am watching two squirrels cleaning themselves and having a snack…soon they will scamper away to go play in the trees.

As I witness all of this activity and play in the world outside my window, for a moment, I feel peace.  All is well.


my fella comes in and asks me if I am going to call the insurance company this week.

“NO” I say…with a bit of an edge to my voice.  “I figured I would call them on Monday.”

You see, since my surgery (which was in April) (more…)

Hi there!

Kerry, over at “Lemon-aide”, has asked me to chat a bit about what to say to people who offer platitudes when you are journeying through something rough like a chronic illness, a death, loss of a job…whatever.

I have been thinking about this since she asked me…it is a tough question.

What do we say to people who offer lame platitudes?

What makes this question so difficult is that usually, when a lame platitude is shared, we are in a place of vulnerability…when we are feeling vulnerable…things like this can really shake us up.

Years back, when I was widowed…I remember one particularly rough platituder…she had platitudes pouring out of her. Every time I saw her these weird statements came out of her mouth. These platitude’s caused me extreme distress. I tensed up every time I saw her.

Because I was raised by fairly polite people (more…)

Hello you gorgeous readers you! I am busy doing this, that and the other thing and have missed some days of blogging…but, I am back now…to entertain you with my wit!

Anyway…today I want to piggy back off some blog posts that are being written by Jenny over at

“Using my powers for good.”

She is discussing what not to say to someone who is dealing with a chronic health condition. If you get a chance to read this…please do. She is witty and mad as hell! When I read her posts I began to think about “Platitudes.” Many people like to pull these out of their hats when they don’t know what the hell else to say. Well, here is an idea…don’t say ANYTHING! Just LISTEN! But, I will get back to that in a minute.

I have experienced this personally when I was widowed some years back…and when I had a handful of years dealing with a chronic health condition. People would get all uncomfortable and then start saying a line that they thought was supportive…or maybe not…maybe they just wanted to ease their discomfort.

I don’t know.

But, I was always left feeling bad that their platitude made me feel so bad. Their lame remark (more…)

Hello there! Remember me? I used to write a blog? It has been a gazillion years since I have last written anything. Well…that may be a slight exaggeration!

I am back from our fabulous vacation. My fella and I went to Carmel for a beautiful wedding and visited with many old friends. Then we cruised on up the road and stopped to play on our favorite beaches. We had a great time. The most amazing part of all of this, besides seeing old friends and being by the ocean, was that I was out of pain. No pain. None. Nada. All gone!!!

I was able to sit, walk, twirl, cartwheel, be in the sun, be in the heat, pick up luggage, put luggage down…oh my…the list goes on and on…it was fantastic.

*Note to self: Send surgeon a bouquet of flowers and my first born son as a thank you!

I am in awe (more…)


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