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Hi there!

I came to my blog this morning all ready to do some writing.  My coffee poured into one of my favorite cups, some nice classical music playing in the background, wearing my favorite T-shirt of the week and my comfy jammie pants.  I decided to wear my tiara too just for kicks!  I was feeling all sorts of confidence in my ability to cut and paste…and in my new found ability to add pictures to my blog. (more…)

Okay.  Do you remember the squirrel that we caught in the cage up in our attic? Well, the day after our little furry friend was released at the park…3 new furry friends moved in!



At first we thought that maybe these 3 squirrels were the family of the one that we took to the park and that somehow we had orphaned these 3 squirrels.  But, I don’t think that is true anymore.  I think the one that we released in the park was keeping those 3 squirrels away. (more…)

I apologize for my silly posts of late.  Nothing profound going on upstairs!  Lights on but nobody is home.

Here is another silly experience that happened the other day:

Last year I shared a story about some squirrels moving into our attic area.  They promptly moved out when the weather warmed up.  I guess they didn’t like the bazillion degree sauna effect that happens in the attic during the warmer months 😉

Well, they are back.

I think it is the same family because they have the same arguments that the last family had…and they chew with their mouths open (just like the visitors did last year)!  Oh, and they like to chew on the wood beams…just like the previous visitors. (more…)

This last Sunday…uh…yesterday, I was busy reading the New york Times with a yummy cup of coffee that my fella made for me.

*I just love saying that I was “reading the New York Times”…makes me feel so…hmmmm… cosmopolitan and sophisticated.  Well, really it helps me forget that I moved to this strange little neighborhood where my next door neighbor thinks that tires are the new garden accessory and cars belong on lawns.

Anyway, back to the article that I was reading.

The writer was talking about having an iphone.  And concluded half way through the article, that he hated it.  His conclusion intrigued me so I read on. His article was funny and irreverant.  My favorite!  I have heard all about the iphone.  I have heard that it is the coolest phone ever.  I have heard friends describe all the snazzy features.  They talk about music downloads, how cool the screen is, how cool the apps are…it can do this, that and the other thing. (more…)

As many of you know, I have had my share of run ins at the doctors office.  It started many years ago…at around 14 years old when I had my first bladder infection.  I was in extreme pain, didn’t know what was going on and told my mom something was wrong.  She took me to a “specialist” who proceeded to ask me these types of questions:

Doc:  “Does this hurt here?”

Me: “Uh-yes”

Doc: “How about here?”

Me:  “No.” (more…)

Okay.  So, I get that I am just not as leading edge as I like to think.  The work that I do with my clients is definitely the leading edge…or the bleeding edge…of energy psychology. And I am continuously researching and reading up on new tools…etc…etc.  I love working with people assisting them in moving their lives forward.

BUT…along with this is the other side of my business.

The marketing side. Most all of my marketing is done on the internet,  which is a brain bender for my little mind!

I do pretty good with my blog.  I try to write at least twice to thrice a week (which is not so easy for me, cuz I am just not that prolific).  I visit other blogs and comment on the various conversations.  I really enjoy this part.  I love reading what other people write… (more…)


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