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Well, I have been sitting here wondering what to blog about.  I have an idea…sharing this hilarious thing that happened this morning with my fella.

But, do I have the right to share this funny event?

He might get embarrassed.

The problem is I can’t get the image out of my head.

It won’t go away.

I have been trying to get it to go away.

I have even taken out my notebook titled “Blog Ideas” and looked through that.

Nothin’ is sparkin’ my interest.

Except what happened this morning.

Ah well, I am just gonna have to share it.


Dear Readers~

Well, here is all I have to say today:  Blah blah blah blah blah. Thinking blah blah. What would blah blah blah? What about blah blah?  And then there is the blah blah blah!

So, what do you blah blah?

How far will blah blah blah?

How will you deal with blah blah blah?

I was sitting here this morning thinking that blah blah blah blah is blah blah.  What do you blah?

I mean come on blah!!!

Now I am wondering if blah blah is really blah blah blah?

Profound!  I know!

Would love to hear about you blah blah blah’s!

Blah blah for now!

By some strange twist in the universal DNA we received a chunk of change in the mail.  It was a big surprise and a nice one at that!  And since our bathrooms have been in need of repair since we moved into this house 5 years ago, we decided to use this universal gift to fix these problems.

The folks that built this house in the early 60’s seemed unaware that they were building on expansive soil.  They also seemed unaware that you need to use cement board when backing a shower or bath area.  Jump ahead a bunch of years and you have the mess that is our bathroom.  To remedy our little problem of cracking tile and a falling tile wall, my fella used some duct tape to hold everything in place.

Duct tape.

Ugly gray duct tape. (more…)

Okay.  So, I get that I am just not as leading edge as I like to think.  The work that I do with my clients is definitely the leading edge…or the bleeding edge…of energy psychology. And I am continuously researching and reading up on new tools…etc…etc.  I love working with people assisting them in moving their lives forward.

BUT…along with this is the other side of my business.

The marketing side. Most all of my marketing is done on the internet,  which is a brain bender for my little mind!

I do pretty good with my blog.  I try to write at least twice to thrice a week (which is not so easy for me, cuz I am just not that prolific).  I visit other blogs and comment on the various conversations.  I really enjoy this part.  I love reading what other people write… (more…)

This whole idea (including the title) was stolen by me from this guy.  The guy who came up with this is a friend of a friend.  He writes a weekly column for the Aspen CO paper.  He is HILARIOUS!!!!  Check him out at:  It will be well worth it!!

So, 25 Random things about me…(idea stolen from Mr. Smith)

1. I always announce to my family that I am going to the bathroom.  I don’t know why I do this.

2. I HATE mayonnaise.  Sometimes I even have a gag reflex when I see commercials of people slapping it on stuff.  I feel kinda ill just writing about this. (more…)

I have a new favorite thing.  Now I am not really a “thing” kinda gal.  I mean I can get excited about a great book or of course there is my cute as a button sky blue VW beetle with sun roof and matching blue wheel thingies!  Oh and then there is the really cool shirt I got from my boy that makes me happy when I get to wear it…hmmmm…okay so scratch my original statement…I guess I really am a “thing” kinda gal.

So, let me start this over.  I have a new favorite thing…and since I am a thing kinda gal…this just makes my day. (more…)


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