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Hi there~

Recently, I have been doing lots of things that are forcing my brain to engage.  I joined Twitter.  I joined Face book. I am working with my fabulous friend Christine on our radio show…which will begin in January…January 8th to be exact.  I will share more about that with you later:).  I am learning how to use blog talk radio….how to use our new snazzy camera that can actually put pictures on the computer!  I know…I know…everyone has been doing this for a long time…but, not me! Learning how to do podcasts (which will be on my website soon!), videos (also a new website addition)….and some other things that I can’t remember cuz my brain hurts!

My brain has been super uber engaged.

Something about learning technology that just makes my head…ummm…or brain….feel…hmmmmmm…like it is working really hard!!!!  I can almost hear crunching sounds in my head…sometimes it sounds like ice cracking…whatever this is…my synaptic responses are definitely creating brand spankin’ new pathways.

Now, because these pathways are so brand spankin’ new…the information doesn’t always stick.  After focusing REALLY HARD on learning how to log on to face book and write stuff…I went to bed all proud of myself, looking forward to playing with this again in the morning, only to wake up with my brain wiped clean.  When I say “clean”…I mean…completely clean.  Which means I had to relearn the whole damned thing again!!!!

So after a few weeks (more…)


I am having a rough few weeks with writing…I have completed a few posts but, the rest of the time, I have felt blocked. I do some journaling, a bit of meditation…pour a cup a joe…sit down at my laptop and begin to write.  Within a few minutes, I am distracted.

This time I am not distracted by how pretty my nails look (oh, purty lavender pink) or by how messy my house is (was that a mouse or a gigantic fur ball that just went around the corner?). So, what the hell is going on in my little brain?  Well, I’ll tell ya. POLITICS!!!!  Yep.  Politics.

I read emails from friends (more…)

Okay…so, I have been writing this last week about beliefs.

And…man oh man– do I got a doozie!

I believe that I suck at technology! Trust me, I got tons of proof.

Here is a just a small piece of the proof:

After deciding that I did not need to take any more ibuprofen (800 MG)…besides I was almost out of it…I have been slowly hurting more and more every day. At first, it was just a little bit of cramping…Down There . Then there was more cramping…Down There . And last night…I woke up to a ton of cramping Down There. The worst pain is where my right ovary used to be…is this phantom ovary pain?????

I dunno…but, what ever it is….it hurts!!!!

And because I am who I am (more…)

Good Day Fabulous Folks!!!

What is your biggest fear?

How is that for a lead sentence?

We all have something that scares the crap out of us.

I have a few somethings:

1.  Every one I love will die and I will be stuck on this planet alone….FOREVER

2.  Tarantulas…oh, and spiders that are black and shiney…ewwwwwww

3.  Percentages and Numbers

That about sums it up…hee hee!

Now, I am not particularly afraid of a number that stands alone.  If I type a number 5 here…I don’t start to sweat.  But, If I add an action next to the number (more…)

Good Day Everyone~

A few days ago, I came face to face with something that I recently wrote, that was taken COMPLETELY out of context. My own little sound bite mishap. Or would it be called a “word bite?” Anyway…it’s hilarious and I just have to share the story with you.

I have been holding back from blogging the last couple of weeks because I am in the middle of redesigning my blog and changing the location of its home. You see, the last bunch of months (more…)

Hello fabulous readers!

I was going to write some more about this, that and the other thing. I started the posts out with pretty good titles and interesting first sentences. First, I was going to write more about failures that only exist in our minds. When that went no where fast, I tried writing about Spiritual Tyranny…great topic..but, again I got distracted. So, I got up to get another cup of coffee and found out that we are out of half n half…which in my world is REALLY REALLY BAD!!!

So, I sit here with an empty coffee cup, waiting (more…)


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