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Hey there cutie patuties :)

I decided mid weekend to stop taking the bioidenticals…Sunday morning I felt a little less IC pressure…this morning…none yet!  Wow!  What a difference a day makes!  I am going to give the herbal route a try and I will let you know how it goes.  But, for now I am basking in my ability to sit in my office chair with no pain or pressure.  Yay!!!!!!

So onward with Double Punch Sunday! (more…)

It’s just NOT fair!

My fella works with all of these kids…teachin them guitar.  He comes home with hilarious stories and sweet stories.  He also comes home with germs.  He might have a day now and then when he feels puny…but, that is about it.  He has a super duper strong immune system.

Not me. (more…)

This last Sunday…uh…yesterday, I was busy reading the New york Times with a yummy cup of coffee that my fella made for me.

*I just love saying that I was “reading the New York Times”…makes me feel so…hmmmm… cosmopolitan and sophisticated.  Well, really it helps me forget that I moved to this strange little neighborhood where my next door neighbor thinks that tires are the new garden accessory and cars belong on lawns.

Anyway, back to the article that I was reading.

The writer was talking about having an iphone.  And concluded half way through the article, that he hated it.  His conclusion intrigued me so I read on. His article was funny and irreverant.  My favorite!  I have heard all about the iphone.  I have heard that it is the coolest phone ever.  I have heard friends describe all the snazzy features.  They talk about music downloads, how cool the screen is, how cool the apps are…it can do this, that and the other thing. (more…)

By some strange twist in the universal DNA we received a chunk of change in the mail.  It was a big surprise and a nice one at that!  And since our bathrooms have been in need of repair since we moved into this house 5 years ago, we decided to use this universal gift to fix these problems.

The folks that built this house in the early 60’s seemed unaware that they were building on expansive soil.  They also seemed unaware that you need to use cement board when backing a shower or bath area.  Jump ahead a bunch of years and you have the mess that is our bathroom.  To remedy our little problem of cracking tile and a falling tile wall, my fella used some duct tape to hold everything in place.

Duct tape.

Ugly gray duct tape. (more…)

When I first started this blog I thought that I was gonna focus on little helpful hints for folks…little self growth helpful hints…or little bursts of compassion helpful hints…but, soon I got sorta bored.  I still sprinkle some of those things through out various posts but this blog has evolved into a random stream of consciousness.

The radio show beginning March 2nd will be much more focused :)

So, without further ado, I would like to share my stream of consciousness for this morning: (more…)

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous scene outside our bedroom window.  More snow had fallen while we slept and as the sun came up…the whole road had this amazing glow.  It just took my breath away.   This scene also seems to have taken my ability to think away because the next minute I turned towards the hall and did a running slide.  Forgetting that my foot was still recovering from this weekends skipping accident.

All I can say is that I never fully realized that my moments of joy are followed by either skipping, singing or sliding on the wood floors with my socks on…or a combination of the three. (more…)


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