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Hi there!

My fella and I were out on a walk this last weekend.  We were both chatting about how relieved we are that our bankruptcy is all over.  Yes folks…we are now officially bankrupt!

We went to court on Friday and the trustee was a very kind, compassionate man.  He asked what brought us to this situation. I told him what happened with the insurance company…he just shook his head.  He said that he is hearing this more and more. Insurance companies denying payment due to “pre-existing conditions”  which we all know…can mean ANYTHING! (more…)

Okay…get your heads out of the gutter…I am talking about something else!

The title of this post is 2 fold.  First, I am trying to create titles that capture interest.  Did this title capture your interest?

Secondly, I wanted to find a light-hearted way to chat about how averse we have become, as a culture, to making mistakes.  Or not being perfect at a particular skill.  This has played out in a big way politically over the last bunch of years.  I was secretly relieved when President Obama with the Justice dude, flubbed up their lines when he was sworn in.  I was glad because I knew that school kids all over the country were watching this…and maybe thinking “well, if they screw up their lines…maybe it is okay if I do!”  At least that is what I hope they were thinking! (more…)

This whole idea (including the title) was stolen by me from this guy.  The guy who came up with this is a friend of a friend.  He writes a weekly column for the Aspen CO paper.  He is HILARIOUS!!!!  Check him out at:  It will be well worth it!!

So, 25 Random things about me…(idea stolen from Mr. Smith)

1. I always announce to my family that I am going to the bathroom.  I don’t know why I do this.

2. I HATE mayonnaise.  Sometimes I even have a gag reflex when I see commercials of people slapping it on stuff.  I feel kinda ill just writing about this. (more…)

I have a new favorite thing.  Now I am not really a “thing” kinda gal.  I mean I can get excited about a great book or of course there is my cute as a button sky blue VW beetle with sun roof and matching blue wheel thingies!  Oh and then there is the really cool shirt I got from my boy that makes me happy when I get to wear it…hmmmm…okay so scratch my original statement…I guess I really am a “thing” kinda gal.

So, let me start this over.  I have a new favorite thing…and since I am a thing kinda gal…this just makes my day. (more…)

Hi there Cutie Patuties!

I was going to write about the energy of new beginnings…what we love about new beginnings and what we hate about new beginnings…maybe tomorrow.  For now, I want to share something hilarious that happened at our lawyers office.

Now, I am the kind or person who LOVES when funny things happen during times of stress…like say…signing bankruptcy papers!

Okay, here is the story: (more…)

This hilarious quote was shared on Jenny’s blog.  It begs to be repeated:

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!”

Werner Erhard

Thanks Jenny!


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