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It has always been a wee bit challenging for me to call a spade a spade.  Unless, of course if the spade wants to be a spade…then I am totally on board. But, if the spade wants to be a heart or a diamond or a club…I can completely go there.

There are several factors that have contributed to this little mind set of mine.  One  stems from the way I was raised.  Yep, blame it on childhood!!!  I lived in a home where a spade was NOT a spade but something else completely. And ya better not point out that it was really a spade cuz then you would be in deep doo-doo!

Another factor is that I am such an optimist/magical thinker/naive babe-a-roo.    I have always been this way.  If someone tells me that it is not a spade but a heart…I believe em. Not always….but often enough!  I just figure they know what they know and I am probably miss informed.  Or that maybe it is a spade and they see it as a heart and we can agree to disagree! (more…)


Recently, I decided that the only way to get out of my writing block is to kill off my blog.  I was gonna divorce it but decided that if I did that, I would probably have to see it around town or bump into it while I am out with some other cute blog.  Or worse yet, I would see it out with some other cute blog.

I just didn’t want to deal with that kind of stress.

I decided that death was the only way out.

So, I spent some time plotting its demise. (more…)

Since last writing in my very painful blog…well, actually my blog isn’t painful per say…it’s  been painful writing in the damned thing…

Where was I????

Oh ya…painful…writing…blog…

So here is how things have been going:

The last few weeks, I wake up, grab a bowl of coffee, read my emails, look at my schedule to see who I get to tap with, and then sit and stare blankly at my computer screen waiting for some inspiration…something….anything. (more…)

Imagine the main character is speakin’ like he’s from the Bronx or somethin’:

This holiday is a tough one.

At least for me.

You see…I am a Thanksgiving turkey.  They even call me that down here at the yard.  All my family thinks that this is some kind of honor.  Like this is good for the family or somethin’!

But not me.

Just the sound of “Thanksgiving Turkey” makes my skin crawl.  It’s like I am havin some kind of premonition or somethin.  Anyway, everyone here thinks I am crazy when I start talkin about it.  Like I am being negative or something.  My friends keep saying that I am being fatalistic…I think that I am being realistic! (more…)

Hello fabulous readers!

Before I jump into the topic at hand, I want to tell you about an upcoming 3-day workshop that is going to be held here in Northern Colorado November 6,7th and 8th.  If you are an EFT Practitioner or someone who wants to become more skilled at using EFT on your own…we would love to have you there.  Not only is Rue Hass going to be leading a full day intensive, we have 8 other brilliant presenters from the EFT community sharing a diverse selection of topics.  The focus of this weekend is “What is healing?”  I am going to be there as well, leading a group conversation around this tender topic~  Would love to meet you face to face :)

To find out more~ or click here 😉 (more…)

Hi there!

It’s another gorgeous day here in Colorado…clear crisp skies.  Birds are a chirpin’…bunnies are a hoppin’…and I am sittin here freakin’ out!

I did a practice radio show with my friend Christine yesterday.  She sounded so calm and together.  Her voice was smooth, her words clear…and her sentences made sense.

Not me.

My “s’s” sounded very lispy and my voice did not sound calm.  In fact, it had a sort of shutter to it!  My words sort of made sense and when I laughed it was close to a cackle.

Uh-oh! (more…)


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