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As many of you know, I have had my share of run ins at the doctors office.  It started many years ago…at around 14 years old when I had my first bladder infection.  I was in extreme pain, didn’t know what was going on and told my mom something was wrong.  She took me to a “specialist” who proceeded to ask me these types of questions:

Doc:  “Does this hurt here?”

Me: “Uh-yes”

Doc: “How about here?”

Me:  “No.” (more…)

Hi there!   Hope this post finds you doing okie dokie:)

As an EFT Practitioner, I work with tons of folks who are dealing with some hard core anxiety.  EFT is an amazing tool to use on anxiety.  Anyway, I thought that I would share a bit of my own story around anxiety…actually that is too polite…it wasn’t anxiety…it was sheer panic…like the kind you get when your breath gets sucked out of your chest and you think you are gonna die.  Yep!  That is what it has been like for me.

As a kid, doing anything in front of my class was very scary…you know…those reports that you would have to read in front of the class?  I even had trouble reading out loud in class.  Since those were things that were done a lot, I was always nervous at school. (more…)

Okay…so, yesterdays post was kind of intense.  Ya, I know.  The shadow can feel…ummm…. kind of painful sometimes~ Looking at the shadow can be very humbling indeedy!

Let’s take a look at the light side…the sunnier side 😉

On yesterday’s post I had you think of someone who really bugs you…today let’s do the opposite.  Think of someone who you like…or better yet…who inspires you.  What about them inspires you?  What are the traits that inspire you?

I have been blessed with amazing friendships…I have had people (more…)

This whole idea (including the title) was stolen by me from this guy.  The guy who came up with this is a friend of a friend.  He writes a weekly column for the Aspen CO paper.  He is HILARIOUS!!!!  Check him out at:  It will be well worth it!!

So, 25 Random things about me…(idea stolen from Mr. Smith)

1. I always announce to my family that I am going to the bathroom.  I don’t know why I do this.

2. I HATE mayonnaise.  Sometimes I even have a gag reflex when I see commercials of people slapping it on stuff.  I feel kinda ill just writing about this. (more…)

Hi there Cutie Patuties!

I was going to write about the energy of new beginnings…what we love about new beginnings and what we hate about new beginnings…maybe tomorrow.  For now, I want to share something hilarious that happened at our lawyers office.

Now, I am the kind or person who LOVES when funny things happen during times of stress…like say…signing bankruptcy papers!

Okay, here is the story: (more…)

Happy Holidays everyone~ This morning we woke up to brisk temperatures…-13.  Yep.  -13.  Brrrrrrrrr~  When we let our dog out she turned around and looked at us with eyes that said “Ya gotta be kidding me!”…ran out the dog door and the flap of the dog door…broke off.  The door was even too cold to flap!

I LOVE this kind of cold.  Now, I realize that I don’t have to get into my car and drive to work.  I do have to get my cozy blanket and wrap it around me with my steaming hot cup of coffee and walk all the way down the hall to my office:)

It is absolutely gorgeous outside.  A blanket of white snow, the sun coming up with a beautiful pink and purple introduction.  It takes my breath away…and if I were outside…I really would have my breath taken away!

On to the topic swirling around my cute little brain… (more…)


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