It has been  crazy over here.

Absolutely crazy!

Cuz I have a new drug.

And like any other drug when used to the extent that I am using it… can make one feel hung over.  And irritable. Irritable if I do it too much…irritable if I don’t.  I am also barely noticing that things are falling to the wayside.  Or is that whey side?  I feel very anti social and I just want to be left alone…thank you very much!  I forget to eat and I just can’t be bothered makin any one else food…cuz really who cares?  And I haven’t left the house in days.  I am also wearing the same jammies and underwear that I was in this last weekend.  I think.  I am not sure.  The details are kind of blurry. (more…)

As some of you know who read this blog…I have been having a dandy time with writers block.  But, since I don’t really consider myself a writer…even my phone message says “Hi!  This is Lynne Morrell, EFT Practitioner and Personal Life Coach!…it does not say “Hi!  This is Lynne Morrell, EFT Practitioner, Personal Life Coach and Writer!… I have decided that I am just having “Pretend Writer’s Block!”  Or PWB as I like to refer to it while staring at my blank computer screen.

Each morning. I dutifully put in my little wordpress secret code to pull up the innards of my website.  I look to see if anyone has commented on any of my posts…which no one has because I have PWB.  Then I click the button that brings me here.


And I stare. (more…)

So, my faithful readers…I begin this week by plunging into writing a 6 word clump on shopping for a particular item.

I know you know what I am talkin about.

And since I have been postponing this whole event for a few years now (last year I wore shorts and an old tee shirt into the pool)!

…this is the year.






A frickin bathing suit!!!!! (more…)

Hold to your hats folks…things are getting a bit wild over here!

First of all, we have been having some wind.  I’m not talkin about a breeze.  I am talking gale force winds that make strange creatures fly up into the air and hit ya in the face!  I made up the story that somehow this wind was gonna blow all of the allergens out of the air. Nope.  Ain’t true.  This morning our eyes are even redder then they were yesterday~

Where the hell did I put the visine????? (more…)


Today’s quote has been stolen from my fabulous friend Kerry.  She had posted this on her facebook page and I just had to steal it :)

Thanks Kerry!

“Everyone has a photographic memory, but some of us don’t have film.” –anonymous

I love this cuz it is optimistic….with the assumption that we all have a photographic memory 😉

Have a memorable day!

Ta Ta for now~

I know…I know…writing has been really slow on my end.  In fact the minute I decided to do Rue’s class (Re-imagining your life) things got very quiet upstairs in the ol brain department.  Funny how that works!

Which brings me to last weekend.

Last Saturday, I started a project with a couple of friends of mine called “Process Painting.” I feel like my friends are kind of slummin it having me there with them cuz they are both amazing artists.  Randie is my brilliant friend who did the logo and design for my website.  She also creates gorgeous, whimsical pottery and plays with glass fushion.  Her pieces are stunning.  If you want to check out her stuff go to: (more…)


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