I had a nice little meditation this morning…sitting on my comfy chair…outside in the sun.  It was one of those meditations where I became so quiet, that a butterfly landed on my leg and a goddess came down from above and shared some possibilities to a  question that I had been meditating on.  As I was receiving all of these super groovy gifts, I noticed that there was some internal drifting happening.

I was  surprised and excited that a swallowtail had landed on my leg…cuz that is super cool and groovy…and must mean something profound!  Right????

Another part of my mind was trying to document the fabulous words of wisdom being shared by this ethereal being…along with noticing what a cool gown the goddess babe was wearing.  Which lead me to wonder where she got that dress?  I loved the fabric!  I could make some awesome curtains for our bedroom with that fabric!!

And another part of me was noticing that the neighbors dogs had been barking for awhile prompting the human who lives there to come outside and start yelling at them to “shut the hell up!!!”  (more…)

It has always been a wee bit challenging for me to call a spade a spade.  Unless, of course if the spade wants to be a spade…then I am totally on board. But, if the spade wants to be a heart or a diamond or a club…I can completely go there.

There are several factors that have contributed to this little mind set of mine.  One  stems from the way I was raised.  Yep, blame it on childhood!!!  I lived in a home where a spade was NOT a spade but something else completely. And ya better not point out that it was really a spade cuz then you would be in deep doo-doo!

Another factor is that I am such an optimist/magical thinker/naive babe-a-roo.    I have always been this way.  If someone tells me that it is not a spade but a heart…I believe em. Not always….but often enough!  I just figure they know what they know and I am probably miss informed.  Or that maybe it is a spade and they see it as a heart and we can agree to disagree! (more…)

When I ordered my first  frappachino last year, l fell in love with the yummy tasty cup of delight…pretty much right off the bat. I realized that this could be a problem.  One cuz I rarely fall in love with a food or beverage in that way…and two because I rarely fall in love with a food or beverage in that way!

And because of the unusual-ness of this whole experience, I knew the potential for indulgence was great.

Why shouldn’t I have one of these yummy cups of cold, whipped coffee goodness every day?  I deserve it right?

So what if they cost a wad of cash for each one?

I could just order a small!

So what if they have a bajillion calories per small cup?

I don’t need to eat anything else!!!!

So what if it is totally politically incorrect to go to starbucks everyday?

I could do the drive thru and no one would know! 😉 (more…)

Recently, a lovely woman that I have had the honor of knowing died of complications due to lung cancer.  When I heard the news, I cried and felt a strong wave of sadness.  “Another good one bites the dust” is what I thought.  I was glad for her that she was able to head out … I know she was suffering.  I was also aware of how hard it was for her to leave her children, husband and friends.

That was the part that really got the tears going.

Can you imagine having to say goodbye to your children?  To your partner?  To your friends?

While I was jumping into this very sad image…my son stopped by.  (more…)


Recently, I decided that the only way to get out of my writing block is to kill off my blog.  I was gonna divorce it but decided that if I did that, I would probably have to see it around town or bump into it while I am out with some other cute blog.  Or worse yet, I would see it out with some other cute blog.

I just didn’t want to deal with that kind of stress.

I decided that death was the only way out.

So, I spent some time plotting its demise. (more…)

Recently, one of my favorite shirts had to go.  I wasn’t ready for its demise.  Dark blue, nice and roomy…with a fun and lighthearted image on the front.

You know the one?  It’s got the women dancing on the front…each one a different color?

Yep. That’s the one.

It was the shirt that I wore when I felt really sick.  I used to think “I feel like shit but at least I have dancing women on my chest and they are having a good time!”  This image would bring me great comfort.  (more…)


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